Springtail Substrate

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Introducing Your New and Improved Culturing Substrate: Springtail Substrate

Our new and improved Springtail Substrate uses a wide variety of healthy ingredients that encourage breeding and activity within your healthy springtail cultures. Using ingedients like arbor fines, sphagnum peat moss, oak leaves, sphagnum moss, eggshells, and over a DOZEN other ingredients, we provide the best substrate for your springtail cultures. 

The reproduction of springtails is vital to any bioactive terrarium, as springtails prevent the spread of mold and allow for a self-sustaining terrarium for your reptiles. 

Whether you're breeding a single species or dozens, Isopod Substrate guarantees your isopods live long happy lives with plenty of beneficial organic ingredients that are sure to last over 6 months of use. Our substrate is designed to last 6-12 months but as springtails decompose the ingredients and use it all up.

We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction so please feel free to contact us with any questions!  👍