Clown Isopods

Armadillidium -

Clown Isopods

Scientific Name: Armadillidium Klugii "Montenegro"

Difficulty - Medium

Size: 1-2.5cm (0.4 - 1 inches)

Origin - Balkans (Europe)

Temps - 64-78 Fahrenheit

Enclosure Humidity Ratio - 3/4 Humid and 1/4 Dry 

Rate of Reproduction - Medium

Burrowing Isopod - No

Active Isopod - Somewhat

Clown Isopods are originally from the Balkans in Europe where they evolved to have a beautiful pattern of yellow and white dots on a black shell with a red outer skirt. Such a pattern gave them the name "Clown" Isopods due to their similar appearance and colors to circus clowns.

These are a relatively new species in the hobby being introduced within the last half-decade. Their prices were originally high due to high demand when first introduced to America but here at Isopod Specialist we bred these isopods at scale and reduced the price of this species across the country. This is one of our most popular isopods that are kept as pets due to their extremely low price for color ratio compared to other species such as Cubaris.

Due to our affordable listings of this species we are most of the time sold out of this isopod so if at the time of reading we are sold out, please understand we are doing as much as we can to put these back in stock.

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