At Isopod Specialist LLC, we recognize the importance of forging strong partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to enhancing the lives of reptiles and their caretakers. To support their endeavors, we offer an exclusive wholesale program, providing our wide array of premium pet supplies, including isopods, springtails, and specialized food, at competitive wholesale prices and quantities. As a trusted industry leader, we continuously expand our product offerings, ensuring that our partners have access to the latest innovations in the reptile care market. Our exceptional track record of positive feedback from pet stores that purchase our products wholesale is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and service. We actively embrace and build upon their valuable input, fostering long-lasting relationships that propel us towards our shared vision of transforming the reptile care industry.


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If your organization would like to create a wholesale account with us please reach out to us at wholesale@isopodspecialist.com

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Org Name - Justin's Reptiles

Industry - Pet Store

Frequency - Once a month


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