Shipping/Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee live arrival for the following local temperatures depending on your shipping method:


Standard Shipping: 50-75 Fahrenheit

Expedited Shipping: 30-95 Fahrenheit


We ship all orders Monday-Thursday and will often ship on Friday depending on your location. We always want our customers to be satisfied and by shipping Monday-Thursday we ensure the packages are not held up over the weekend and you receive your purchase alive and healthy. If you place any orders after Thursday evening be prepared to wait until the next Monday for your order to be shipped out.

We understand you cannot control the weather and we do provide extra insulation and heat/ice packs at no extra cost depending on your local temps at ETA. If your temps are not within the Live Arrival Guarantee range, we will do as much as we can to help ensure you receive your purchase alive and healthy.
If for any reason you have deceased isopods we require pictures within one hour of the time of delivery and for isopods, you'll need to spread out all the isopods on a sheet of paper either all upside down or with a needle or pin through their bodies and take a photo. If you contact us after an hour since the time of arrival we cannot guarantee live arrival and it will be your responsibility past that point. If you are in Alaska or Hawaii we only guarantee live arrival if you picked Expedited as your shipping method. 
Our live arrival guarantee does NOT cover shipping costs.
We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction so please feel free to contact us with any questions!  👍