Porcellionides Pruinosis Isopods

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Porcellionides Pruinosis Isopods


NOTE: Porcellionides Pruinosis includes but is not limited to the following species - Powder Orange, Powder Blue, Oreo Crumble, etc.

Scientific Name: Porcellionides Pruinosis

Difficulty - Beginner

Size: 1-2cm (0.4 - 0.8 inches)

Origin - Europe

Temps - 60-85 Fahrenheit

Enclosure Humidity Ratio - 1/2 Humid and 1/2 Dry 

Rate of Reproduction - Very Fast

Burrowing Isopod - No

Active Isopod - Very

Porcellionides Pruinosis Isopods are originally from Europe where they evolved to have a beautiful bright color on their backs. Each color corresponds with the name of the variation from the species, for example, powder orange is bright orange and so on. The interesting aspect of this species is that they can all breed across variations, unlike a lot of other isopod species variations. Blues can cross breed with Oranges and so on. This makes them a great cheap choice of isopods for a bioactive setup as they're hardy, colorful, and great entertainment for kids and adults. And it's even better when you mix a variety of colors and watch them grow in size and have mancae. 

This is one of our most popular isopods that are kept as pets due to their extremely low price and hardiness to survive a wide variety of environments which is partly why they are considered a beginner isopod for new hobbyists.

Due to our affordable listings of this species we are most of the time sold out of this isopod so if at the time of reading we are sold out, please understand we are doing as much as we can to put these back in stock.

If you're looking for a cheap yet colorful isopod with a beautiful pattern that will impress both kids and adults, this is the isopod for you. Mix and match different colors for all sorts of fun entertainment! :)

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