Fungus Gnats


Q: There are Fungus Gnats in my bioactive enclosure and I don't know if they're harmful or what I should do.

A: While you won't receive fungus gnats from us since the vast majority of our products are sterilized and constantly examined for fungus gnat outbreaks there is still the possibility of fungus gnats entering your bioactive enclosure either through the environment surrounding it or a separate product you bought and used such as soil from a hardware store. Fungus Gnats are COMPLETELY HARMLESS, however they are a nuisance and most often you will find yourself wanting to get rid of them if their populations begin growing. For our Isopod and Springtail cultures we thoroughly examine them weekly for fungus gnats and if we find any we immediately begin a two step process:

1. Dehydration - Simply lower the humidity and moisture of the enclosure for a week or longer until you start seeing fungus gnat populations decrease, remember not to overdo it to prevent killing whatever invertebrates you are keeping.

2. Prevention - Mosquito Bits are not manufactured by us but are very effective in preventing future fungus gnat outbreaks. They use a simple bacteria that kills off fungus gnat offspring (but not adults). So it is more of a prevention measure. You can either mix it in with water and then mist your enclosure with that water since it will have the bacteria in it or scatter it over the substrate and then mist the enclosure. The water distributes the bacteria and kills the offspring once they attempt to drink it. It's 100% safe for use with isopods and springtails. For reptiles the bacteria itself is safe with the only possible danger being your reptile eats the actual bits and chokes. It costs as little as $10 on amazon: