Isopod Substrate

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Introducing Your New and Improved Culturing Substrate: Isopod Substrate

Don't buy cheap substrates made from useless materials that have no benefit for your beloved isopods. Instead, use the substrate Made By The Specialists!!! Our Improved Isopod Substrate uses a wide variety of healthy ingredients that encourage breeding and activity within your healthy isopod culture. Using ingredients like 100% organic compost that we produce ourselves in addition to peat moss, bits of leaves, shredded sphagnum, cork bits, and over a DOZEN other ingredients, we provide the Top Notch substrate for your isopod cultures.

Whether you're breeding a single species or dozens, Isopod Substrate guarantees your isopods live long happy lives with plenty of beneficial organic ingredients that are sure to last over 6 months of use. 

Our substrate is designed to last 6-12 months but as isopods decompose the ingredients and use it all up, you will start to see only isopod feces as the top layer of soil and it is at that point that you need to take out all the isopods and leave them in a little container and replace half if not all of the soil with new Isopod Substrate. They can survive without you doing this but their reproduction will decrease and they will likely be less active.


We strive for 100% Customer Satisfaction so please feel free to contact us with any questions!  👍