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Isopod Specialists 100% Natural Coco Fiber is created from finely ground coconut husk, sometimes called coco fiber, coconut fiber, or simply coco. Each 1 Gallon Coco Brick weighs 648g or 1.40 lbs, and will expand when soaked in fresh, dechlorinated water. Coco fiber is absorbent, effortless to maintain, and encourages burrowing. Our Coco Fiber is clean, comfortable, and competitively priced!

Isopod Specialists 100% Natural Coco Fiber is sourced directly from a family-owned production facility in Ecuador. Isopod Specialist's Coconut Substrates are 100% safe for your plants and pets! All of the coconut bedding with the Isopod Specialist label on it is organically cultivated, 100% biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. 

How to Prep: Soak for 15-30 minutes, or until coco fiber is expanded and there are no dry spots remaining. Each Coco Brick will expand to 2-6 times its original size, based on the amount of water used. Only douse what you plan to use, do not store wet.