Calcium Bone

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Our Calcium Bones are 100% NATURAL unlike most of our competitors who will save 50% on costs by going with the dirty and unhealthy cuttlebones which happen to also be unsustainably sourced. We use our calcium bones for all of our isopod cultures and bioactive setups and we loving mixing it in with our substrate, it's a healthy and natural way of incorporating calcium carbonate for whatever your needs may be.

Our 100% Natural calcium bones are great for providing to your isopods and pet reptiles/birds alike. Many turtles and tortoises will readily eat these as well as some larger lizards. Because our cuttlebone is all-natural, sustainably sourced, and strictly made of 90% calcium carbonate with 10% being organic matter, they are very easily broken into smaller pieces and can be mixed into your Isopod Specialist substrate directly. Not only will this benefit your bioactive setups, it will also be broken down into viable nutrients for your bioactive substrate that benefits your plants and invertebrates alike.

Overall, this is a must-have when culturing isopods or using them as a bioactive cleanup crew and we highly recommend it to all of our customers.