Live Established Springtail Culture + 6oz SpringCuisine Combo

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8oz/16oz Established Springtail Cultures include hundreds of juvenile and adult springtails. They are great feeders for your pets and an amazing bioactive cleanup crew for your vivarium. Simply add the cultures to your bioactive setups and watch them multiply within a matter of days! Whether you're using them as feeders or as tank janitors just pick the desired culture and add these amazing creatures to your cart. This purchase also includes a free guide on taking care of and handling Springtails. These Arid Springtails are great for arid springtails with lower humidity than average, if you are doubting which species of springtails to get we highly recommend you purchase our tropical springtails as they work better in both environments.

Springtail Food: Our perfected springtail food formula, which includes an ideal mix of vitamins, calcium, various types of yeast, and other key components your springtails need to thrive, is the best solution to ensure your springtail cultures reproduce fast and with no mess. With traditional springtail foods like Rice, Yeast, or Mushrooms there are leftover pieces that can turn into a dangerous mold for your entire culture and potentially kill your springtails. With our formula which has all the nutrients your springtails need without the mess, simply sprinkle a little in your culture once a week and watch your springtails multiply!

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so please feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns!  👍