Zebra (Armadillidium Maculatum) Isopods

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Armadillidium Maculatum "Zebra" Isopods are a beautiful species of isopods and reproduce quickly once established. Zebra Isopods are quite active in vivariums and have a neat white and black striped pattern, thus being nicknamed "Zebra". They are a relatively large isopod once fully grown. And many dart frogs will not be able to consume adult zebra isopods, making them a great choice as a cleanup crew for your bioactive vivarium.

They are great feeders for your pets and an amazing bioactive cleanup crew for your vivarium. Whether you're using them as feeders or as tank janitors just pick the desired amount and add these amazing creatures to your cart. This purchase also includes a free guide on taking care of and handling Isopods.
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